• FS-4C01


It is used for different kinds of modules and applied to the working area subsystem.

It uses embedded surface frame,easy to install and disassemble,it is with protective door and dusty free;can do OEM for any customers and print request LOGO

With application of fiber SC/LC simplex, duplex and other different environment installed plate or flush plate .All modules can be configured on customer’s choice;

All modules are free of welding

Model and configuration

Module NO: Size:L*W*H Mounting way Cable way Cable way
FTM FS-4F 100.5*80.5*28.8(mm) Wall mounting (indoor) Uncutting 4pc SC adapter or 4pc Double LC

Working area

  • The telecommunication network ,metropolitan area network, optical fiber communication system
  • Optical testing equipment/instrument
  • CATV optical fiber, optical fiber sensor
  • Optical fiber broadband access network, FTTH Optical fiber
  • Optical fiber distribution frame, frame type and wall type Optical fiber distribution unit

Performance index:

Item Technical Data
Application 3.0X2.0 mm drop cable or indoor cable
Fiber diameter 125um(652&657)
Tight cladding diameter 250um&900um
Mode of application Single mode&duplex mode
Tensile strengh <50N
End-use temperature -40~+85℃
Adaptor SC&FC
Insertion loss ≤0.2Db(1310nm&1550nm
Output 2
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