Suitable for use in the network where optical splitters are distributed. It offers optical cable stripping and a fixing assembly, optical splitter module, splicing module, and storage area, completes the functions of optical cable inlet fixing, fibre splicing and termination, optical splitter installation management, and coiling, storage, fixing, and splicing of single-fibre drop cables, and implements optical splitting and capacity expansion of optical lines.


  • 1. Material: nonmetal
  • 2. Integrated various optical splitter
  • 3. Rotary distribution panel, double-layer cable management
  • 4. Bow-type drop cable connector made in the field, redundant length cable storage inside
  • 5. Smaller size under the same splitting port
  • 6. Parking area for temporary storage of connectors
  • 7. Appliable in multiple cables: drop cable, optical cable
  • 8. Perfect fibre route design to ensure bend radius of fibres
  • 9. Backbone optical cable is tap-off
  • 10. Dust and splash proof: IP55(Outdoor)