It is used for different kinds of modules and applied to the working area subsystem.

It uses embedded surface frame,easy to install and disassemble,it is with protective door and dusty free;can do OEM for any customers and print request LOGO

With application of fiber SC/LC simplex, duplex and other different environment installed plate or flush plate .All modules can be configured on customer’s choice;

All modules are free of welding

Model and configuration

Module NO: Size:L*W*H Mounting way Cable way Cable way
FTM FS-2D 105*82.5*22.5(mm) Wall mounting (indoor) Uncutting 2pc SC adapter or 2pc Double LC

Working area

  • The telecommunication network ,metropolitan area network, optical fiber communication system
  • Optical testing equipment/instrument
  • CATV optical fiber, optical fiber sensor
  • Optical fiber broadband access network, FTTH Optical fiber
  • Optical fiber distribution frame, frame type and wall type Optical fiber distribution unit

Performance index:

Item Technical Data
Application 3.0X2.0 mm drop cable or indoor cable
Fiber diameter 125um(652&657)
Tight cladding diameter 250um&900um
Mode of application Single mode&duplex mode
Tensile strengh <50N
End-use temperature -40~+85℃
Adaptor SC&FC
Insertion loss ≤0.2Db(1310nm&1550nm
Output 2
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