Under the function of the internal fan and external fan, the hot air in the shelter and the cold air outdoors exchange heat through the isolated and effective heat conducting and heat exchange core to lead heat out of the equipment room.

The heat exchanger fully uses the outdoor natural cold source. It dissipates heat by using the indoor and outdoor temperature gradient difference of the shelter, thus saves energy reasonably and economically.

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  • 1. The high energy efficiency ratio (the Coefficient of Performance (COP) can reach 5.0 ~ 11.0): Surpasses other temperature control equipment such as the common compressor air conditioner (COP: 2.4 usually). The energy saving effect is notable
  • 2. Isolated heat exchange of the Base station heat exchanger ensures high cleanliness in the shelter and eliminates impact from the outdoor environment
  • 3. The heat exchanger can operate coordinately with the air conditioner in the shelter, saving energy and ensuring safety
  • 4. The control chip of precise air conditioner level, multiple functions such as faults self-diagnosis, alarm protection and multi-level password protection, ensuring reliable equipment operation
  • 5. Standard RS485/232 communication interface, faults and data report and remote monitoring