It is composed of the unit and the optical splitter, applied to the network featuring centralized optical splitting in the equipment room of center office, configured the SA series splitter module, implementing capacity expansion of optical fibers. It can be mounted on CopperOn 19″ main distribution cabinet, network cabinet and open frame.

Product Features

  • Optical cables at the line side and pigtails at the system side
  • Routing of the intra-frame and inter-frame patch cords in the OMDF, without entering the optical fibre trough of the equipment room
  • Customizable patch cord length, reducing fibre redundancy and twisting
  • Provides a reserved test port
  • Line side (vertical line) at the front, system side (horizontal line) at the back
  • Distribution panel at the equipment side designed in a rotary structurefor easy maintenance
  • Achieving no-cross cable rout for line side cable, pigtail cable, intra-frame and inter-frame patch cords
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