3G(TD-SCDM)A indoor distribution system mainly adopted as a basestation with base band unit (BBU) and radio remote unit (RRU). With the introduction of multiband RRU, indoor distribution systems need a large number of fibre resources. Sufficient fibre resources should be distrbuted and routed at one time in during the installation process. To meet the demands of various equipment interface from potential manufactures, pre-distributed multi-fibres should be terminated using the tower-mounted distribution box. It implements such functions as the inlet, fixation, and stripping protection for subscriber cables, splicing, protection, storage and management for optical fibres.

It is used for connection from fibre to tower or from fibre to building, for connecting RRU and BBU. It is installed in the buliding or OSP near the antenna.

Product Features

  • 1. Pleasant appearance, easy installation single-mode double-fiber outside patch cord
  • 2. Using bottom cable inlet locations, no interference among cables
  • 3. Well designed structure and layout, convenient for routing and maintenance
  • 4. Sealed enclosures protect fibres from rain and dust
  • 5. Full front operation, single door
  • 6. Termination using duplex LC adapter, mating with adapter at RRU end
  • 7. Selective lower sealing assembly, compatible with outdoor connector and outdoor LC-type dual jumper fibre
  • 8. Supporting wall-mounted or pole-mounted, adjustable range for pole-mounted is 60mm-120mm
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