Designed and manufactured in accordance with the communication industry standard YD/T 988 and implements functions such as connection and distribution of optical cables which come out of the center office to optical cross connection node. It serves for management of optical fibre route and is used in the FTTH optical access network project which has an xPON structure. It can used in existing manholes, has a small footprint, is resistant to the elements and temperature and is easily accessed for maintenance.

Product Features

  • 1. Metal construction, modular design
  • 2. Lead-in, striping and dispatching for optical cables can be completed on the ground
  • 3. Integrated fibre splice and storage module, high density, large capacity
  • 4. Suitable for ribbon cable and non-ribbon cable
  • 5. Elevating mechanism for easy operator access in/out of the manhole or on the ground
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