• CopperOn provides extensive partners program
  • CopperOn provides different layers of warranty program
  • Our team of qualified engineers help customers design projects from inception to the end with tremendous cost savings and quality products
  • With cutting-edge, high-performance cabling infrastructure systems
  • Going closer to the local customer- US, Europe, Asia and Middle East
  • Established reputations as experienced industry professionals
  • Extensive sales / executive management and business development experience within telecommunications Industry

  • Industry leaders

  • Unique talents and expertise that broaden CopperOn’s capabilities

  • Strong understanding of a broad range of connectivity technologies

  • Strong international sales presence

  • Proven records of success and accomplishments selling to world’s largest

3-Year Limited Product Warranty

CopperOn warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for three (3) years from the date of original purchase.

15-Year Performance Limited Warranty

Coverage: Guaranteed system performance from end-to-end for 15 years from the date of installation. Coverage includes the replacement of products only.

Explanation: Warranty is available to Elite Installers for CopperOn category-rated connectivity products and CopperOn horizontal premise cable as an end-to-end, Permanent Link solution.

You have to be certified and training is needed.

Lifetime Performance Limited Warranty

Coverage: Guaranteed system performance from end-to-end for the usable life of the cabling system. Coverage includes replacement of CopperOn products and labour to replace them.

Explanation: This structured cabling system must be installed by a Certified Elite Installer with

CopperOn category-rated connectivity products plus horizontal premise cable as an end-to-end Permanent Link solution and the site must be verified as a CopperOn Verified Site Cabling System.